Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hangin out in Phoenix

Divine Hubby and I have a divine daughter who attends Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. She is gorgeous, brilliant and in all ways, divine. (Ok, maybe not ALL ways, but she's 19...) She has a condo in Phoenix. Her condo is lovely, safe and was an amazing buy for our little family.

The water heater leaks.


SO, she called the warranty company and said "come fix it!"

They came.

Apparently the water heater has been leaking since the Eisenhower administration, which is roughly when it was installed. Thankfully, she lives in Phoenix which has a humidity level of around -5. So, no mold, but the water heater is WAY past its prime. The insurance dudes who came to rob her blind, I mean install her new water heater, had all kinds of excuses and decided that unless we paid $1300, they couldn't install her water heater.

We are now in Phoenix installing her water heater and will probably only charge her $1100 to do it. Aren't we a peach??

As usual, things just didn't go as's no standard installation job and we've run into more than our fair share of snags. BUT, it looks like things may have turned a positive corner this morning and we're feeling hopeful that we can leave sometime before midnight tonight... which is good because we all have work/school tomorrow!

It's been a work weekend but we've had a little fun too. Funny, I remember my dad doing these things for me when I became an adult and YESICANDOITALLBYMYSELFBUTPLEASECOMEHELPDAD!! Dads are great for helping with things like water shower heads...volt meters...and all things relating to the IRS. :)

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