Monday, August 10, 2009

Growing up is scary!

So, Chase is going into the 6th grade. He's nearly TWELVE!

One of the things of being a "tween" is that you are just too darn old to go to Vacation Bible School anymore. That is sad - Chase has loved VBS everywhere we have lived. He loves the skits, he loves the stories, he loves the macaroni art projects and he LOVES the singing and dancing. Even at the more conservative churches we have gone to, if you give a big group of children loud, happy music, they dance.

This year, Chase is going to VBS again, but in a different role. He's going to be a helper instead of a participant. He is at church this morning getting his marching orders and getting all set up for the first day of VBS tomorrow. I left him this morning looking very unsure and a little scared, with a group of middle schoolers who were enthusiastically hanging banners and creating skits. I'm going to go pick him up in about 45 minutes and hope to pick up a very different Chase. I hope he has gotten plugged in, met some kids and feels more connected. He likes to be in charge, so I'm hoping he will enjoy being in charge of the younger kids and have fun with his new role this week.

Chase has been very reluctant to talk about school, and for the first time, he is NOT looking forward to school starting this year. I finally got him to tell me he is really nervous about going to middle school. And, when you look at it from his point of view, it is pretty scary. A great big new school (6th-12th grades), changing classes, lockers, bunches of new kids, and starting without his good friend Bobby who is a year younger. I've tried to talk Bobby's mom into letting him skip a grade, but alas, she doesn't think it's a good idea.

So, no VBS, new class in church where he is the youngest and doesn't really know anyone (and they don't play games as much...), a new school with lots of new kids and new experiences. I'm a little nervous for him, just thinking about all of the changes.

I am absolutely certain he will be fine as soon as he gets into things, but for the next 13 days, we're all going to be a little nervous, I think!


Vegetable House said...

Well, maybe he needs a puppy to ease his anxiety! :)
It's so hard when people we are love are stressed, isn't it?

PS--thanks for the new blog post--it's about time (not that I should talk.)

Kristine said...

I loved helpng at VBS so much when I was a teenager - I cna't remember when they switched us over, but it was a lot of fun - I hope chase has fun doing it.

s.i.l. said...

It can be a really hard transition to middle school. He is lucky to have a mom who is well aware of this fact and will love and support him right through it. I am here if you need advice on the tween years. I've known a lot of tweens and teens in my life!