Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive...

The STQ family put up the outdoor Christmas lights yesterday. As usual, there was much bickering about WHERE they go, IF they go where, WHICH ones go where...but ultimately, I got my way, as usual... :)

Once everyone came to realize the brilliance of my plan, we realized we had a problem. We have a roof rise that needed lights but was high enough that divine hubby had to get on the roof to put them up. Our 6-ft ladder just isn't high enough to get to the roof. Hmmmm. So, I went to our beloved Vikings-loving neighbors to borrow their ugly purple-and-gold ladder...not home. I then went down to Frank's house, where he was out in the driveway contemplating his own Christmas light placement.

Me: Hey Frank, do you have a biiiig ladder?

Frank: Yep - 6 footer.

Me: Nope. Need a biiiig ladder to get on the roof.

Frank doesn't have a biiiig ladder. Hmmmm.

Me: (musing out loud with Frank, mind you) Wonder who might have a biiiig ladder I could borrow?

Camera pans to SUV slowly driving by Frank's house with a big COX cable sign on it and a (wouldn'tyaknowit) biiig ladder strapped to the roof. Seriously, It was kinda freaky...

Me: (jokingly) Like that one. I wonder if that guy would loan me his ladder?

Camera pans back to SUV as the brake lights come on and he backs up to Frank's house.

Frank: Oh yeah, I forgot COX cable is coming out here to do some work today. Huh.

Me: Huh.

The COX guy was more than happy to loan us his biiiig ladder and my boys got on the roof to string the Christmas lights. Needless to say, Chase was thrilled to be up on the roof and has already asked when he can get back up there again.

Now, I hate to trivialize God, and I DO know that He's got bigger issues facing Him and His time than my needing a biiiig ladder, but I sure do appreciate His divine intervention in sending me just the right ladder when I needed it! And our lights look beautiful!!


Kristine said...

Which leaves me to wonder, if I ask my neighbor for a million dollars, will a million dollars just roll on down the street and pull up in my driveway?

Anonymous said...

My hubby is putting up lights today. Could you send the COX man over to our house? (And no, I won't pay mileage from Nevada to South Carolina) 'tis the season to do good deeds. Would this be a good deed? You betcha!
Actually, we have a biig ladder incase he won't do it. And I'll be home to call 911.

Your Fathere said...

I am going up to put the lights on the peak of our garage today. I HAVE a 20 foot ladder and it is just high enough to reach the peak. I figure that as I fall, I will have time to say "so far, so good" a couple of times...

MOM said...

The lights are beautiful, and your Fathere is in room 326 at University Hospital. Send candy to the house, and I'll take it to him (or not!)

Miz C (and Burton) said...

It's not the's the landing that gets ya! So glad UP recovered in time for the family vacation.