Sunday, June 7, 2009


My baby boy (who yes, is nearly 12 and almost as tall as I am and regularly beats me at Scrabble, so I shouldn't really call him a baby, huh??) is leaving tomorrow. (sniff) I finally found someone who would adopt him, so he's out, baby. NOOOOO, just kidding. He's headed to my parents' house in SC for 6 days and then to SPACE CAMP at NASA.

Can I tell you how excited he is?

His mama?
Not so much.

I'm not too worried about his trip to see my parents since he's done that for the past three summers, but he's never gone to a sleep-away camp before. And ya know, I'm no geography whiz, but I don't think Nevada is REAL close to Alabama. I could be wrong, but since the flight is nearly 4 hours long, I think it might be kinda far away. He's going to be gone for eleven days. ELEVEN.

One day for every year he's been around.

I've never been away from him for so long before, and I'm feeling kinda melancholy. On one hand, I am excited for him and VERY proud of him for being so brave. He isn't worried about camp in the least. We found out there is going to be another kid with his exact name at camp at the same time. He's pretty excited about that.

I'm gonna miss him like crazy, that's all.


Kristine said...

That's a long time, but he'll be fine! And have a great time, I'm sure.

Laura O'L said...

Bryan jst got home from a Scout camp in Key Wets - actually an island 4 miles from Key West he had to kayak to and live on with six other adults/Scouts for a week. I missed him like craxy! And Mary Kathryn's leaving us for a week in July - going to Kanakuk. :( I think I miss the in-house babysitting the most :)

Laura O'L said...

OK - so I can't type when I'm tired!

The Rents said...

HA!! We've got him, sweetie! Two whole weeks. Color us excited.

Vegetable House said...

how soon will he be back, STQ? I miss you! I can't send email, but I can get it. Send me an update!