Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adventures in book clubbing

Since we moved here, I have been looking for a book club. Most of the people I have met are not readers (can you imagine NOT being a reader?? I can't...), or are not in a book club. So, I've tried a few "public" book clubs at bookstores, libraries, etc. None have really met my needs. But, there is an area here in Vegas called "Summerlin" that is a gigantic master-planned community and is jam packed with soccer moms in minivans. Perfect! So, I called the Summerlin library, and they have a big book club that meets once a month at the library. So, I slogged through a book I didn't really love (truth be told, I didn't actually finish it...) and went to the book club yesterday morning with high expectations.

I walked in the conference room and immediately realized my mistake. I was the youngest person in the room. By 30 years. There were more oxygen tanks than minivans, for sure. But, I decided to go ahead and stay for the discussion anyway. It was an interesting and entertaining morning!! Here are the highlights:

A woman who was at least 80 wearing an animal-print sequined ball cap, leopard-printed leggings (tight leggings, not pants), a not-long-enough tunic and about 10 wooden necklaces with large wooden African animals on them. Oh, and she carried a giant canvas bag that looked like a rainbow absolutely exploded on it...sequins too.

Two women who walked in together, sat together, finished each other's sentences, and seemed joined at the hip. One woman had dyed blonde hair and an orange shirt, and the other woman had dyed orange hair (I swear it was exactly the color of the blonde's shirt) and a light yellow shirt (exactly the color of the blonde's hair). Made me laugh!

A Jewish woman who, every time someone said anything was "the fault of the Jews" (in the book, not globally), exploded in a tirade.

A Catholic woman who, every time someone said anything was "the fault of the Catholics" (again, in the book), exploded in a tirade.

note: there were lots of things in this book that, it could be argued, could be the fault of the Jews or the it got interesting a few times!

One woman mentioned the word "bisexual" and the whole place went to pieces for about 5 minutes! I don't even remember WHY she said the word, as there wasn't anyone in the book who would fit that description, unless it was part of the book I skipped in an effort to finish the darn thing!

Then there was a discussion of euthanasia (only barely touched on in the book) and a woman started shouting "MURDER" randomly and glaring at the other women who disagreed. Just as a sociological experiment, I wanted to stand up and say "let's talk about ABORTION" and see what happened, but I was afraid for my life, frankly.

The moderator passed around some color copies of pictures from historically-relevant art and I never got to see them, because two of the women in front of me took the copies, folded them and put them in their purses. Even though they had passed through several rows before, somehow, they decided the copies were for them! Cracked me up.

It was a very interesting morning, but not really what I am looking for in a book club. For example, January's book is an 800 page biography of John Adams...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Kate said...

Howdy! You should try craigslist or readers circle - I found my wonderful book group on craigslist! And Readers Circle (online) probably has some options near you, too.

I waded through some crazy ones myself, too. The funniest one was for people who only wanted to read cookbooks. Can you imagine?

Miz C (and Burton) said...

Loved your description of the book club. At least since the book wasn't overly exciting, your morning had a bit of "spice" to it. I've never belonged to a book club...just Bible Study groups...and I must admit I've fizzled on quite a few studies.

Keep searching; I know you'll find the right one for you!

love you!

Momsoon said...

If you keep writing these hysterical blogs, you're going to find me on your front doorstep one day after inviting myself for a visit. Wild, wacky Las Vegas, here I come.

STQ said...

Kate - great suggestion! I checked Craigslist and found several possibilities. Never would have occurred to me!! Thanks. AC, thanks for always being so encouraging to me!! Momsoon, you are welcome to visit crazy Vegas anytime you'd like. We've got a guest room!! :) Love to all of you and thanks for reading/commenting! Makes me feel loved.

Katy said...

OMG I am roflmao here. Call Shelly, go out for margaritas and call it a book club. That is soooo funny!

Shelly... said...

Well, we have talked about doing a bookclub, so remind me to get off of my duff and we can start one or join one together! I promise I won't yell "murder" or "bisexual" at random times throughout the discussion. Loved your description of the fine citizens of LV at the library. Scary stuff but great people watching here!
Katy does have a good point though. We can just go out for a margarita and discuss a book! :)

Shelly... said...

OH and seriously, a 800 page biography on John Adams??? I would rather have a root canal...